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Welcome to Dan and Tami’s “Zozart” site.  We are VERY excited about our new site.  It officially opened its Internet gateway doors today, Fri 6/5/2008.  We would love to hear your comments.  Give us the good and the ugly, we want to hear your true sentiments / experience at the Zoz site.     We hope that the images will bring you great success in your design projects.  Please blog or e-mail us in the future with samples of your Zoz’ifiedwork.  We would love to put it up for others to see great examples of how the Zoz images can enhance graphic projects. 

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  1. tami Says:

    We hope that everyone that received a lunch today enjoyed it. Dan got pretty wet delivering them, NW weather! We will look forward to your comments.

  2. Dan Larsen Says:

    We just received our copy of Layers magazine for July/ August. There is a ZozArt full page ad in the center of the mag just behind the editorial well. This is the start of our first round of ads. For July/August we will also be in Print, Adobe photo shop user, Step Inside Design and Dynamic Gaphics. This will represent a total subscription base of 500,000 people nation wide. We also have a banner ad showing in the HOW online magazine. This has already generated hits from UK, Austrailia, Germany, Middle East, Mexica and Canada with only 1 week into the running of the ads. For those of you that understand internet hits, we are doing exceptionally well with a bounce rate of 17%, and average time on the site of 8 minutes and average page hits of 8 pages!!! we have a user return rate of 30%.

    We are hopeful that all you graphic artists out there like our images and can see to use them in your designs. Let us know what you think of the site and the images.
    The Wizard of Zoz

  3. Linda Murphy Says:

    Beautiful! Best of Luck, Linda

  4. bill guditus Says:

    have you thought of giving away several images as screen savers

  5. Tami Says:

    Hi Bill…

    Thanks for your post. Several people have asked about screen savers. I think it’s a good idea. Check back in two weeks and you will probably see this capability on the site.


    Tami Vileta

  6. Dan Larsen Says:

    Tami and I have added a free image download to the site. We hope that you enjoy the high resolution and depth of the images. This image is from disk #5, image 20.

    Since this is a new site we are very interested in hearing from your comments regarding the image,(s):
    How do you see them fitting into your work.
    Are you a photographer or Graffic Artist or other?
    what do you think of the pricing?
    Is the price of the images effect your decision to use the images?
    If price is a concern, what price would be the best value?

    Your answers to the questions and any other comments you may have would help Tami and I out immensely. You can either Blog here or send them directly to either Tami or Me at or

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