New website comments

Welcome to the new site of Zozart.  We would appreciate any comments you may have on the product or the opperation of the site.

6 Responses to “New website comments”

  1. Tami Says:

    This is GREAT!

  2. Tami Says:

    This is cool…

  3. Jenifer Says:

    pretty cool! Love the sneakers! Jackson Pollock would wear them himself! best of luck! J

  4. tami Says:

    We hope that everyone that received a lunch today enjoyed the lunch and the introduction to Zoz. We would look forward to hearing your comments

  5. Ed Says:

    Looking good Stan!

  6. Dan Larsen Says:

    Tami and I have added a free image download to the site. We hope that you enjoy the high resolution and depth of the images. This image is from disk #5, image 20.

    Since this is a new site we are very interested in hearing from your comments regarding the image,(s):
    How do you see them fitting into your work.
    Are you a photographer or Graffic Artist or other?
    what do you think of the pricing?
    Is the price of the images effect your decision to use the images?
    If price is a concern, what price would be the best value?

    Your answers to the questions and any other comments you may have would help Tami and I out immensely. You can either Blog here or send them directly to either Tami or Me at or

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